The perfect Protective Fleece for natural Stone floors

The ground still has to dry out, but other trades are to be carried out immediately.

Covering up properly becomes a problem.

Stone-Tex is the problem solver for floors that are still drying through and protects against discolouration, incorrect pigmentation and stains.

The special surface treatment of the fleece makes it slip-resistant, but at the same time it retains its breathability. This allows residual moisture in the substrate to escape and the floor can be effectively protected. Particularly suitable for natural stone and wooden floors

The breathable Fleece

Product NumberNameDimensionGrammageColourPackaging
3310130Stone-Tex Diffusion-open30x1m320g/m2Light-coloured20 Rolls/Palett
3315115Stone-Tex Diffusion-open15x1m320g/m2Light-coloured40 Rolls/Palett

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