The right Products for Protection and Coverage

All products are also available in individual designs. A customised insert, specific packaging, weights and dimensions are available on request.

Grey Cover Fleece

Individual products, perfectly tailored to all customer requirements: dimensions, grammage, packaging and inserts can be adapted.

White Cover Fleece

Pure white fibres for a high-quality impression. No colour irritation in the room as the light is not reflected.


Impact Noise Insulation

Parquet and laminate underlays that are easy to install and effectively absorb sound. Strong and flexible – for an excellent walking experience on the floor covering.

Cover Carton

Also called milk carton board – multifunctional board for protecting and covering. Depending on the grammage, very robust and excellently suitable for outdoor use.

Raw felt board

Well suited for covering the interior. Due to the heat-dissipating effect, the raw felt board can also be used as impact sound insulation.



All the helpers the craftsman needs when protecting and covering, such as customisable dust doors or adhesive tapes.


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