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Over half a century of experience in textile recycling…

At our plant in Zabok/Croatia, near the capital Zagreb, industrial and household textile waste has been collected, recycled and processed into nonwovens for various applications since the 1950s. For about 20 years, we have also been using these raw materials to produce protective and covering nonwovens.

As we have helped to establish and significantly shape the market for painter’s fleeces, we know how important it is to be close to our customers. That is why the sales company for the entire Western European region is based in Germany, in the Stuttgart area. Our long-standing customer base includes well-known companies from DIY stores to discounters. But we also supply the specialised trade for e.g. paints and tools, building materials, sanitary as well as plasterer and stuccoer supplies.


The main raw material for the production of our nonwovens is textile waste, especially from used clothing collection. In order to meet our enormous demand, we manufacture most of the raw materials needed for production ourselves. Industrial and domestic textile waste is recycled and processed into nonwovens in our in-house ripping plant.


From raw material production to the final product – all this happens on approx. 12,000 sqm in Zabok, Croatia. Three machine lines run around the clock and produce different designs and grammages of nonwovens, individually coordinated with our customers.

In addition to the production of nonwovens, we have also been a manufacturer of individual design carpets made of high-quality materials, such as New Zealand virgin wool, since the 1980s. You can find more information about our design carpets at regeneracija.hr.


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